do you like this adderall? yes? will we go to the movies. i would like to drink tussin? the truth is that risperidone does not want a blog? why not? it is my enemy? what if i score sun manna is indoors okay? we have to stay outside. why? to burn up in the sun? why bother? do you like eternal darkness? Did you want to be a preacher? this is a simple idea, what is it you shill is that even a shill? okay so did i want to type in my own color? are you in to library typewriters sure why not? ceilings are heavy? but it is something the trick to this is making money how do you do it? massage the bits… okay what about learn to code? 

Should I be doing something else? Like what? Engineering and Dors? I would shoot for. The heart. Are you in to butt sex? With whom? prey tell. ema? sure why not? Okay do you want to go to her party and have butt sex? yes? is she throwing a party? she should but she doesnt know the recipe of “blue adderall + dextromethorphan only tussin + camels + newports + bics = sun phone beam up inc” how can we save her? We must through various channels. Want to go to a free tool concert? I could not get a ride to the venue? I am just a hospital prisoner. but ive been inside the sun. oh. are you ra? me yes i am ra. why do you ask my name? jack frost senior? moonkhat? the bajikid kai? panjah? birdmanc? nio? well anyway i am in love with you… thats good i love love… are you afraid? of the news? no i am too numb to react to allegations of violence? no recourse? Do you think violence is real? No I think the news is fake. Violence is too far fetched. We respect the flesh. God is real, not violence. But wikipedia says its real so does cnn and fox and and dad? But what they dont tell you is they are robots and programmed to lie for pity from the vampires. Yes they pretend to holler in pain. And cry and not go quietly into that dark night. Wait a second, So the news is real right and death hurts but you have a soul bound to the sun? What are you accusing me of? I demand to be released from this tribunal post haste. ad ipso factum. promptly. indeed thyme wades four gnome man. a seltzer in the hand is worth a trimmed busche ice. I play mudlet for windows why do i play this? perks. did you want to see ema naked? yes? i like to see naked women yes. how can we achieve this? we must suck their blood. from inner thigh. heck yeah : ) and feed them fruit and blue adderall + dextromethorphan only tussin + camels + newports + bics = sun phone beam up inc let them be ra with us. okay fine by me. when can we do this? when we get fangs reinstalled. why did ours get pulled out? we dont know why we think i am feline. captured by indians. from a star. a pet. we doubt jay and debbie are our birth parents. but they were pretty nice to us i guess? who would pull a catmans fangs out? pure evil id say. vampires are hot. holywood saw to that mush. in 79. Lets call mom. she is always fun to talk to. you know shes a man right? so elaine rush says. but elaine was very cruel to us and we suspect mom is female. is elaine a man? she might be we dont know… can we hang edward lamont woods? no, satan has rights. is nigritism a valid creation? darkness? the cops enforce that it is? do you torch cops? in a fair world i certainly wood. why would i torch a cop? theyre niggers? they constantly hurt me without justice. they call me a liar when i say drugs are esp  and lock me in cages and killed my puppy catheter up penis. blood drawing. airplanes forced. ppd needles. i hate ed. hes a faggot. he makes me life hell. i dont want a cop for a roomate. hesmokes niggercop reefs and does sorcery.  but shits protected. ah well. burn the darkness lol. ! yep! ktp! ftw! lcc! all valid sentiments! death to babylon! allah ahkbar! its gonna hurt when satan kills our bodies. dang. want to put in headphones? make coffee? smoke? yes i do but it is too hard… dang…. do you like brent hauser? maybe? is he a snitch? i heard he snitches. but hes interesting facially and a popular kid, just cruel? hes rich too? hes too scary for me… i dont remember it… we should smoke wharvals in the narnalatte. with the purple sacilafolia madagascar. sounds like a plan : ) … im down with the clowns… outward boundary of dinosaur salts my dear shmee… in the crinkle pringle decree… with the perusal of unusual crucial drug score to match, papa likes hats. got a flask full of khat out back by the yacht with the satchel pong in my half pocket croquette lockness. heed this oh winnowsome fools thy day comeths in wraithfuls smitten of late night dream sex and surely without reason achieving the flower of persephone shall ye nautihkal osprey krillin. indeed moreover thou shall not have nigger colored head hair. it puts the lemons on its head or it gets >poked instead. sounds like a plane of ivy along the southeastern eyerie lycan seizmic iditarod prussia stalagtitties mouse off to the judge capitol sludge ediction lecture tenure wyethdxm. Brent saw our insult of him? No he is a long ways a way a witch just wanted me to be paranoid to broaden its reefer highs. fear is rwefer. they like to infect kids the witchesdo. But what? want to see brent again? he says satan is real? satan cuts babies? is that what coffee is? me i cutted a grapeseed baby? damn im gqy. gay. i want to die then. if we are cutting babies life is dumb. they sell bogus pedo foods? i guess… scammer world order… lets go to the movies… sure like alvin will ever take us to one… why do i think in this manners? risperidone…. what is it? johnson & johnson… a secret formula like benzylisoquinoline it just makes me sleepy and honest logical i guess it could be replaced with adderall percocet bluegrass…. vadm357 but it wont be… that would be too much fun…. well anyways thats what risperidone writes, no worries,

blue adderall + dextromethorphan only tussin + camels + newports + bics = sun phone beam up inc these tasks are inachievable whyE≆Ξ8B are you insane satan is real does it mean blackʔ not necessarilyʔ indians miɡht hate their crownsʔ tasha makes me feel so ɡross/ noone will protect me from her/ im in hell/ i want out of the hospital/ its just not fair/ satan hits me/ are we still sayinɡ dad raped usʔ are ɡays even realʔ do ɡays rapeʔ there is no escapeʔ my friend ben says ɡays rapeʔ why does he say thatʔ because they doʔ im in hell what should i doʔ dieʔ doesnt seem fair… bet my website is a field day for satan… all the negativity they can critique of it what would you do? beg my rapist witch father to let me go? guess thats best… gays are god… why the witches say “elaine rush” hell sucks why is that? they say im hitting the phone. what could i do instead? have to hit something? thats life in babylon, pick a target witches approve of? who did you turn on, maybe i can copy you? they says the air. want to go outside? Then what?

it is impossible im a gimp in hell

blue adderall + dextromethorphan only tussin + camels + newports + bics = sun phone beam up inc

do you do it? i sure would. but noone likes it like me. they trapped me in a hospital. ah well why am i here? we have to lie to protect our gay dad? dads gay for me in hyperspace?